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Our Work

Expresso App

Expresso App

Expresso helps customers to preorder coffee and pick it up from their favourite stores. Watch video

Actfit App

Actfit Personal Trainer App

The Actfit PT app helps people book a personal trainer session. We built the app from scratch in 1 month. Watch video

Actfit Website

Actfit Website

The Actfit website helps people find gyms where ever they are. We worked with the Actfit team to build the site and continue to advise them.

Tech Stack

We‘re Fullstack Javascript Developers.

We React, React-Native, Redux, Node and Firebase.

See our Github for an example of how we build things.

The Team



Richard has a decade of experience ranging from Investment Banks to Start Ups. He enjoys learning new technologies and helping people solve real business problems.



John specializes in frontend development. He‘s got a keen eye for detail and loves building great applications.